Pafin foreigners

We are insurance and mortgage specialists with more than 7 years of experience. Based on our experience with the work of several major financial advisors and insurance companies, me as founder Tomáš Ryšánek and several colleagues we decided in 2015 to open our company and set our own service quality standards. Our services are designed both for individuals and for legal entities.

From the very beginning, we are also intensively focusing on foreign professionals and students who are coming to live in Brno. Our experience from abroad has showed us how difficult is to understand all details and conditions in international financial market.

We enjoy providing first-class service for you, to make you our satisfied customers. Let us to help you.

Try our services free of charge. Not only the first consultation is for free as many financial advisers do but all our provided service is gratis.



Brno Expat Centre

'Cooperation with PAFIN makes sense to us in many ways. They are reliable and true experts in their field. What is more, both Tomáš and Lukáš are genuinely interested in the expat community which moves the level of their services way above average.'



Pungky, Homecredit International

'Tomas is always taking care customers at his best. When i'm facing difficulties with my family's insurance, he was able to find the solution and proactively offering help for communicating with the local insurance company which not so easy for foreigner. I'm satisfied with the service and would recommend to people who is looking support for insurance topic.'


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