'We were looking for a house mortgage and we were advised to contact Pafin for help. Mr Rysanek was there to hear our problems, provide many options based on his connections, and suggest the best solution based on his experience. He was always next to us during every step of the procedure and everything went well. We highly recommend Pafin for their services.'

Panagiotis, AT&T, Greece

'Cooperation with PAFIN makes sense to us in many ways. They are reliable and true experts in their field. What is more, both Tomáš and Lukáš are genuinely interested in the expat community which moves the level of their services way above average.'

Brno Expat Centre

'My experience with Pafin and Tomas has been perfect. Whether it is insurance or mobile tariffs, he replies quickly, over phone and email, sometimes unexpectedly so. During our first days in Brno, it was very important for my family to get answers to some very important questions about life in Czech Republic in English, and this is exactly what we got here'

Ilya, FN&Z, Israel

'Tomas is always taking care customers at his best. When i'm facing difficulties with my family's insurance, he was able to find the solution and proactively offering help for communicating with the local insurance company which not so easy for foreigner. I'm satisfied with the service and would recommend to people who is looking support for insurance topic.'

Pungky, Homecredit International, Philippines

'Definitely my words are positive. I feel the oriented service you have provided is very helpful, especially for foreigners. The communication in English is good. The response is very prompt, and you are always in proactive attitude to offer flexible and cost effective solutions to meet our demand precisely. You also provide very nice follow up help after sale of insurance. We definitely will come back to you for any support regarding insurance and finance in the future.'

 Rachel, Honeywell, China