Health care insurance is necessary obligation for all foreigners who are not covered by the public health care insurance system. It means, if you work in the Czech Republic, your health care insurance is paid part from your employee’s salary and part from your employer.


Otherwise if you do not work or you do not pay health care insurance by your own, you can use other form of health insurance:

  • acute care insurance
  • comprehensive health care insurance

We definitely recommend you to get comprehensive health care insurance if you stay in the Czech Republic for more than 3 months.


Do you know that there are 6 insurance companies in the Czech republic providing health insurance in the Czech republic? Which one is the best for you? There are quite big differences in the quality of providing health care among the companies. Let us to find the most suitable insurance provider for you!


We offer for our clients:

  • individual price offers
  • awesome discounts for families up 10% to 25%!
  • help with refunds in case of any complications



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