Health care insurance is necessary obligation for all foreigners who are not covered by the public health care insurance system. This means that if you work in the Czech Republic, your health care insurance is paid in part from your employee’s salary and in part from your employer.


If you do not work or do not pay your health care insurance yourself, you can use another form of health insurance:

  • acute care insurance
  • comprehensive health care insurance

We definitely recommend getting comprehensive health care insurance if you stay in the Czech Republic for more than 3 months.


Do you know that there are six insurance companies in the Czech republic which provide health insurance? Which one is the best for you? There are quite big differences in the quality of health care provision among these firms. Let us find the right one for you!


We offer our clients:

  • individual price offers
  • awesome discounts for families from 10% to 25%!
  • help with refunds if there are any complications


We are one of the few companies able to arrange insurance for clients which also covers chronic, pre-existing conditions from which the client suffered before taking out the policy. The insurance not only covers the costs associated with treatment, but also of managed health care - the insurance company always recommends suitable specialist care for the client. The price of the insurance depends on the specific diagnosis and cost of treating the given condition.


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